“Custom” Multi-touch Gestures with MultiClutch and Safari/WebKit

Back again? So soon you say? Of course!


MultiClutch is a great program by Will Henderson which allows you to assign a keyboard shortcut to be executed when you perform a gesture on the trackpad. This proves immensely useful for providing improved gesture functionality to applications.

It should come to no surprise to you dear reader, that the initial functions for the gestures currently in Leopard slightly…well, dissatisfy me. I’m of the opinion that multitouch should be more than just bindings for keyboard shortcuts, but since I have no control over that, I’d at least like the shortcuts to be useful ones. So, with that in mind, I offer up my highly improved (in my own opinion of course) bindings for WebKit/Safari (They will work for both, but you have to bind them for both.)

Let me translate for you dear reader.

Zoom In is the pinch gesture, and it closes the current tab, or window if there is only one tab. This is the only dangerous one, since it’s pretty easy to do the pinch gesture when you are scrolling. This can cause some faulty tab closures, which is annoying, and I’m habituated to hitting Cmd+W, but sometimes when I click and link and get a new window, it’s really nice to be able to pinch it away.

Zoom Out is the zoom/expand gesture, and it opens a new tab. I use this ALL THE TIME, and really think it should be the Safari default instead of text size, but hey, what do I know?

Swipe Up and Swipe Down go Forward and Backward respectively. I liked these at Left/Right, but not as much as I like changing tabs (What Swipe Left and Swipe Right are bound to) with left and right, and I do that a lot. I understand that the gesture mimics the buttons, but again, I think Forward (Up) and Back (Down) make more spa

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