Natural User Interface Group

Is a group of like-minded individuals working towards making multi-touch surfaces more mainstream.

8 Ocean Drive
Miami, PG 404
[email protected]

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 6:00pm


The Natural User Interface Group 

In addition, NUIG is a Google Summer of Code group this year, so I encourage anyone still looking for a group to submit an application to, to definitely check them out. One individual, who has been working on NUIG related things with regards to Cocoa is Bridger Maxwell. He and I talked at length about some more in depth multi-touch capabilities coming to Cocoa as apart of his proposal to the NUIG for this year’s summer of code. Hopefully, he’ll get accepted, and he and I can work together to bring some better support for Mac OS X, Cocoa specifically, in the open source multi-touch world. Like Bridger says on his blog, Cocoa provides a lot of great tools for data visualization and allows developers to create amazing looking graphics code with a fraction of the code of other platforms.

About Us

If you are interested in multitouch and its capabilities

Elliott Harris is a Mac OS X Developer from Dallas, TX specializing in application development. He is currently a student of software engineering, pursuing a concentration in computer graphics and imaging. He is a developer for the Adium project, and an avid Volkswagen enthusiast. He thoroughly enjoys Twitter, instant messaging, playing guitar, and Cocoa.

Recently, as you may have noticed, I’ve gotten into working with multi-touch a lot. It’s a common focus among modern HCI experts, and as many people would agree, it seems to be the direction we are heading in the field. While some would argue that the technology is far from mainstream, one group in particular is working towards fixing that in the best kind of way — open source.

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